How to Add More Than One of the Same Item


Step 1: Log in to the WatchFacts Dealer Portal; Go to "Add Inventory"

1. Visit our dealer login page - .

2. Click the "Inventory" tab then click on the "Add Inventory" button.

3. Enter the brand, model and reference number.

4. Select a product template and select "Add to Inventory".

(Tip) If your brand, model or reference does not appear select "+Add New Product", then in the corresponding drop down on the next page, select "Add new ________ " (brand,model,reference)

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Step 2: Enter the Basic Information of Your Items

On every drop down please enter the information that corresponds to your listings.

Keep in mind that when adding more than one of a product they must be the same: year, model, reference, dial, materials, etc.

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Step 3: Add Another SKU and Serial

Now that the basic information has been entered, scroll back up. Next to "SKU" you will see a "+". Click the plus sign to be able to add another serial number and SKU.

**IMPORTANT: Watches must be the same year and in matching condition.

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Step 4: Add and Remove as Many Items as You'd Like

Click either the plus sign to add or remove multiple items. Every item must have a serial and SKU.

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Step 5: Certify Watch and Select Partner Platforms

Continue adding the information of your listings as you normally would.

Step 6: Done! Your Items Are Now Awaiting Report

Now, if you notice, your items are in your inventory and are now awaiting report. You can issue your report by selecting your listings, selecting "Issue Certification Report" and click '"Apply to Selected" . Your items will then be sent to the marketplaces you selected.

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