How to Get Your Ebay Token

and Start Selling Today!


Step 1: Log In to Your Account and go to the Settings Tab

Visit our dealer login page -  and log in with your account credentials. Once in the dashboard, click on your name or icon on the top right and select the settings tab.

Step 2: Click on Partner Platform

Once in your account settings, go over to "Partner Platform" on the right.

Step 3: Click the Authorize Ebay Button

Scroll down then click "Authorize Ebay". The button will take you to an external link.

Step 4: Log In with Your Ebay Credentials

Once redirected, log in with your Ebay credentials to connect your WatchFacts account to your Ebay account.

Step 5: Grant Access to WatchFacts Third Party Application

Click the "Agree" button to grant application access to WatchFacts' third party application. This will connect your Watchfacts account to Ebay and allow you to post your inventory on to Ebay.

Step 6: Your Ebay Token Will be Automatically Entered

You are all done! You can start posting on Ebay.

Step 7: Uploading on Ebay

Next time you upload a watch just remember to select Ebay under the "Partner Portal" tab.

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