How to Participate in Partner Platforms


Prerequisite: Audit Process

In order to participate in our platforms you must be a Watchfacts Certified dealer. In order to become a Certified Dealer you must pass the Audit process, Which can be found here. If you have already passed the Audit Process then proceed to Step 1.

Step 1: List Your Item

Log in to your WatchFacts account at, . Once logged in, click the inventory tab then "Add Inventory".

Step 2: Fill out fields

Fill out the required fields in the "Basic Information" page then click "Next: Certify Watch". FIll out all the fields and upload your images. Then, click "Next: Partner Platform" to proceed.

Step 3: Select the Platforms You Would Like to Participate In

Now you may select the platform you desire. Just keep in mind that in order to participate in eBay and Amazon you accounts must be connected to those platforms prior to uploading your item. Please Click here to learn to connect your eBay account. Please Click here to learn how to connect your Amazon account.

Step 4: Enter your Platform Seller Settings

Scroll Down until you see the tabs labeled, "Amazon" and "Ebay" (in this example, I selected Amazon and eBay). Fill out the fields specific to those platforms.

Step 5: Update and Close

You are all set. Your items will be placed for sale in the platforms you selected.

(Please note there is a delay of about 15 minutes until your item is placed on the Amazon Marketplace).

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