How to Remove Not Valid Watermark on WatchFacts Reports


Step 1: Log in to Our Portal

Visit our dealer login page - . Click the "Inventory" tab. Then, click "List My Inventory" tab.

Not Valid Watermark

Under your icon action items, click the "Download Report" icon. When you download the report you will see a "Not Valid watermark". We place this watermark in order to prevent dealers from selling watches off line with a report.

Step 2: Mark Item as Sold

The watermark is only removed if an item is sold. To do so:

1. Select the item or items you would like reports for.

2. Click "Mark as Sold" in the button action items as seen below.

3. Click "Apply to Selected".

Step 3: Select Which Platform the Item Was Sold on

Select the platform your item was sold on. Then, select your method of payment and click proceed.

Step 4: Download Report

Go back to the "List My Inventory" page. In your icon actions, select "Download Report". When you download your report the watermark will be removed.

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