Step 1: Login to the WatchFacts Dealer Portal Go to the List My Inventory Tab

Visit our dealer login page - . Click the, "Inventory" tab. Then, "List My Inventory".

Step 2: Click the Left Checkbox of the Items You Would Like to Push to an Auction

1. Click on the checkbox of the items you would like to send to an auction.

2. On the top actions tab, select "send to auction"

3. Click the "Apply to Selected" button.

This is a demo image

Step 3: Set Your Dealer Reserve Price

1. Set your dealer reserve (the minimum you would take for the item).

2. Click the "Proceed" button.

This is a demo image

Step 4: Your Are Done!

The Items you pushed to the auction will be highlighted in yellow. They are subject to approval before being officially sent to the auction. All Items must be posted by the posted deadline.

This is a demo image

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