Why is the Clone Tool Important?

On many occasions dealers have sold a watch off-line and simultaneously on either Amazon or eBay. If you have an exact item (with a different serial of course) you can clone the item and enter the serial of the second watch that you have. This helps dealers save time and recover a sale.

Step 1: Login to the WatchFacts Dealer Portal Go to the List My Inventory Tab

Visit our dealer login page - . Click the, "Inventory" tab. Then, "List My Inventory".

Step 2: Select the Sold Item You Wish to Clone

1. Expand the advanced filters.

2. Under, the "Sold" drop down make sure you select sold items or just search using the serial or SKU.

This is a demo image

Step 3: Click the Clone Action of the Watch You Wish to Clone

1. Find the watch you wish to clone.

2. Click on the "Clone" action icon on the left.

3. Enter the new serial of the item you are adding to your inventory. Then, click the "Clone" button.

This is a demo image

Step 4: Make Sure Fields Are Correct

1. Click through the next listing fields making sure they correspond to the watch you are adding.

2. Click the "Update and Close" button.

This is a demo image

Step 5: Your Are Done!

Your item has been added to your inventory. You can now print or email the Yellow Report without the watermark.

This is a demo image

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